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One of Asia's most beautiful secrets is the gentle and enigmatic Laos; a land of wats (temples) and orange robed monks. Laos is tranquil and unhurried and nowhere more so than the ancient capital Luang Prabang. This city is the perfect base from which to experience luxury holidays...

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This is a region packed to the brim with rich culture, fiery cuisines, unique customs and breathtaking countryside - and on this adventure you will be sampling all of them. Whether you're slurping up a steaming bowl of pho at a street stall in Vinh, shopping for handicrafts in Vientiane, ambling through caves in Luang Prabang or gliding down the Mekong in a riverboat, you'll get a wonderful insight into Laos during this incredible adventure...
Discover the top attractions of Cambodia and Laos and enjoy the best accommodation in each city.
This is a private tour and it can start in Siem Reap and end in Luang Prabang or vice versa depending on your preference...

Travel down the mighty Mekong River is the most incredible adventure, an on this package you will have chance to connect with remote villages and friendly Hill Tribes as Khmu, Lanten… along the way.


The most famous and attractive in Southern of Laos is thousands of Island and Hill Tribe minority. You will also explore the heritage of an ancient Wat Phou Temple and relaxing on Mekong River…

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