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A 10 day adventure discovering the unparalled charm and rustic beauty of Laos. During this adventure travel through the kingdom formerly known as Lang Xang, the Land of a Million Elephants and stay in Indochina’s most elegant hotels. You will have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of this Buddhist country as you traverse and back from Luang Prabang all the way to southern Laos and back up to Pakse.

Start: Luang Prabang.
End: Pakse

Duration: 10 Days/ 9 Nights
Departure: Daily, upon your request.
Itinerary: Luang Prabang -  Xiengkhouang  - Vientiane - Don Khong - Pakse or Vice versa.
- Extendable with optional tours from Luang Prabang or pakse

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Home Laos Tours Laos Adventures Laos Past & Present - 10 Days