Best restaurants in Luang Prabang, Laos

    best restaurant in luang prabang

    A trip to a new destination cannot complete without discovering its cuisine. It is even better when there is a wide variety of cuisines and local delicacies to try. Luckily, Luang Prabang has a big map of food which can satisfy any taste. There are so many options for food in Luang Prabang despite it is a small city. If you are a bit of a foodie and enjoy exploring some of the best restaurants in Luang Prabang, we would love to share the list with you.

    Authentic local restaurants

    If you love to experience Laos food as the way locals do, just come to their favorite places. They are not big or fancy restaurant but small and simple ones. Do not expect good service, nice décor or something like that. However, you can find authentic food with cheap price there. In addition, it is nice time to join daily life of local people. Here are the places to go:

    Xieng Thong Noodle Shop

    Xieng Thong Noodle Shop

    As its name, the shop sells only noodle soup with pork. Clients can choose to add egg in the soup.  The noodles are made of tapioca starch and very chewy. The chef will add fried garlic on the top to make the flavour to the dish. If you get the version with egg, the egg is mixed into your soup that makes it more wholesome.

    It is very basic with few tables setting just outside in the shaded courtyard of local house. The shop is closed around 2.00PM.  So, you should get there early if you want your fill of truly local, Laotian cuisine.  The restaurant is right around the corner from the Wat Xiengthong Temple, so it’s a good place to stop for lunch after a morning of sightseeing.

    Location: Sakkaline Road, Luang Prabang.
    Opening Hour: 6.00AM – 2.00PM

    Atsalin Restaurant

    Atsalin Restaurant luang prabang

    It is favourite address of local people in Luang Prabang for their meals. The restaurant serves many kinds of local food including noodles, fried rice and traditional food. It is quite hot and noisy. It has an open kitchen that allows customers seeing what the chef does. The service is not an advantage here. You may have to wait to get served. But it is truly Laos style that is “no rush”. Come here with the patience and join the meal with locals.

    Location: Kingkitsalat Road, Luang Prabang.
    Opening Hour: 9.00AM – 10.00PM

    Xieng Thong Phonsavanh Restaurant

    Xieng Thong Phonsavanh Restaurant

    It is a basic restaurant located on Mekong river bank. It is more popular among locals than tourists. But it is definitely a place you should come. The owner here is good at English and very proud of one special dish called Jaew Kee Pa. In the menu, you will see its name as “Fish Penny Sauce,”. He usually says to customers that “Without trying this dish, you haven’t been to Luang Prabang”

    And it is true. It is the fish eggs cooked with chili and oil. Although of simple ingredients, it has very special taste that you cannot forget. You should come there before 6.00PM, so that you can have a chance to enjoy sunset over the river while trying this delicious food with Laos beer.

    Location: Souvanhnakhamphong (Khem Khong) Road, Luang Prabang
    Opening Hour: 9.00AM – 10.00PM

    Middle – range local food restaurants

    If you want to experience local food but expect more decent atmosphere and good service, below are options:

    Dyen Sabai Restaurant

    Dyen Sabai Restaurant

    It is very famous restaurant which offers scenic views of Nam Khan River and Luang Prabang. To get the restaurant, you will need to pay 1 USD to pass over a bamboo bridge which is one of interesting things in Luang Prabang. Upon arrival, you can have a local Lao culinary experience, especially you will be able to try the famous Laos fondue, known as a hot pot in Southeast Asia. The dining section has floor cushions, low tables and pillows set on wooden terraces. There’s also an open garden for traditional Lao barbecue and individual bamboo huts for private parties.

    Location: Ban Phan Louang, Luang Prabang
    Opening Hours: 8.00AM – 11.30PM

    Bouang Restaurant

    Bouang Restaurant luang prabang

    If you are looking for a colorful delicious fresh meal with reasonable price, you cannot go wrong with Bouang. It is well – known for colorful and unique décor, good – sized portions, friendly service and delicious taste. This place is absolutely must – try place for your trip.

    Location: Main Street, Luang Prabang
    Opening Hours: 11.30AM – 9.30PM from Monday to Saturday (Closed on Sunday)

    Tamnak Lao Restaurant

    Tamnak Lao Restaurant luang prabang

    Tamnak Lao Restaurant serves traditional Lao dishes. The restaurant has 2 floors with outdoor seats on upstairs balcony overlooking the street. It is about 650m east of the Royal Palace Museum of Luang Prabang. The staff are accommodating and speak basic English, making Tamnak Lao Restaurant popular with tourists. You can also join a cooking class if you wish to learn how to create Lao dishes during your holiday. They provide an hour-long tour of a local market, where you can pick up fresh ingredients for your dishes.

    Location: Sakkarine Road, Ban Watsene, Luang Prabang, Laos
    Opening Hour: 9.00AM – 10.00PM

    Pha Khao Lao Restaurant

    Pha Khao Lao Restaurant

    This is a nice restaurant to sample authentic Luang Prabang cuisine. It has a chill setting and surrounded by a beautiful garden. Customers can choose to set indoor or outdoor.  It’s owned by an English/Lao couple, and the food is excellent. They have a traditional dance show every Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    Address: Phommathat Road, Luang Prabang, Laos
    Opening Hour: 12.00 – 10.00PM

    Khaiphaen Restaurant

    Khaiphaen Restaurant luang prabang Laos Travel

    Khaiphaen serves very delicious traditional Lao cuisine. It is also a vocational training school where young people have a chance to learn about the hospitality industry. It’s a great way for local people to learn valuable skills and find work. It is worth to support a place like this.

    Location: 100 Sisavang Vatana Road, Ban Wat Nong, Luang Prabang

    Opening Hour: Monday ~ Friday from 10.00AM to 1.00PM (closed on Saturday & Sunday)

    Western food restaurants

    If you need to a break from typical Asian food during a trip, there restaurants are the ideal spot to eat:


    L’Elephant luang prabang laos

    It is lovely colonial French style restaurant. The French colonial décor is a perfect match for the French-Laotian fusion cuisine served here. With elegant high-ceilings and stucco pillars, L’Elephant has some of the city’s best French-Lao fusion cuisine. The menu is replete with all things French and the ingredients are always fresh.  This is also the place for decent wines including both local and imported varieties.

    Location: along Vat Nong Road, Luang Prabang, Laos
    Opening hour: daily 11am – 10.30pm.

    Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon

    It is another high-end restaurant in town. Located on a side street just off the main road, the Blue Lagoon is like an oasis with its large garden. There are also indoor dining with AC, for those who prefer to sit inside. It was opened by chef Somsack Sengta more than 10 years ago after his studying and training in Euro. Here, he offers a long menu of Modern European dishes specked with the flavours of Lao, including a fantastic Luang Prabang wurst, boeuf bourguignon, and … a signature insect menu with ant eggs and crickets.

    Location: along Ban Choumkhong, Luang Prabang, Laos
    Opening Hour: 10.00AM – 10.00PM

    Amigo’s Luang Prabang

    Amigo’s Luang Prabang

    If you are looking for something other than the usual Western and Laos food in Luang Prabang, Amigo’s Luang Prabang will be an option. It offers the best Mexican food in the town. The owner and staff are friendly. They always try to chat with all the customers to make sure the food is good and mostly just to have a good conversation. Besides, the chill, laid back atmosphere mixed with the colorful walls and decor make this eatery super inviting.

    Location: Kitsalat Road, Ban Visoun, Luang Prabang
    Opening Hours: 10.00AM – 10.00PM

    Secret Pizza

    Secret Pizza luang prabang laos

    As the name suggests, this restaurant is in a hidden secret location. It is out of downtown, so it is not easy to find for tourists. But it is a famous restaurant, so you will not have problem to come with tuk tuk drivers. Pizza is specialty here. Pizza is cooked from brick ovens, so everybody can see how it is done. The pizza is crispy and made from fresh ingredients.  As the restaurant is opened two evenings per week, please make a reservation if you plan to come

    Location: Ban Nasaphanh street 3 (End of Soi 3 Off Highway 13 Nasamphanh Village), Luang Prabang
    Opening Hours: 6.00PM – 9.30PM on Tuesdays and Fridays only


    Popolo restaurant luang prabang

    Another great choice for Italian food in Luang Prabang is Popolo. If you want to have great pizza, but Secret Pizza is closed, this is a great alternative. Each of pizza is cooked in wood-fired oven until its perfection. They also have delicious wines, cocktails and serve many tapa style dishes. There are many seating options: wanting indoors, patio or at the bar. It will not make you disappointed for sure.

    Location: Kounxoau Road, Luang Prabang
    Opening Hours: 11.00AM – 11.00PM

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