5 best Laos private tours you should know

    Many travelers are looking for the best Laos Private Tours with the qualified local tour operator to ensure they got great travel experiences – but when you imagine a Laos holiday, what visions come to your mind? Perhaps ancient history, green breathtaking natural beauty, Monks in orange robes, hard trekking route and fantastic spicy street food? Very budget tour, or even luxury escape?
    From Germany, I travel to Laos with friends, I found out: Laos actually has so much to offer. Despite of basic infrastructure, Laos is one of Southeast Asia’s travel gems, an ideal destination for people who want to engage in meaningful cultural experiences. In Laos, enjoy slow pace living and the great tranquility in the World where people say you could even “listen to the rice’s growing”.
    Local people have joke: The name Laos PDR ( Laos Democratic Republic) could be translate “ Laos, Please Don’t Rush” 🙂
    Whether you are arranging a cultural tour, planning to go for a trekking adventure or aiming for a romantic getaway, you can never go wrong when choosing this complex destination. Laos Travel’s private tour packages offer a wide range of places to go and things to do across the whole country and here are heaps of best options:
    Short & Luxury Packages that including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, the top attraction of Laos
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    Luang Prabang Package – 4 Days
    This beautiful citadel located where the Nam Ou river and the Mekong River meets and is made up of distinctive colonial architecture and dazzling temples. Saffron clad monks replace vehicles in this timeless, atmospheric city, as they often scurry the small streets. A trip to the top of Mount Phousi, the best place to start the sightseeing tour, offers astonishing views over Luang Prabang at sunset.. The price starts from 216 USD per person (Which included 3 nights accommodation, excursion, all entrance fee, local guide and private transfer)
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    Best of Northern Laos – 10Days
    This 10 days journey has been designed to combine culture, history and the charm of Laos. Travelers will find it to be fascinating, intriguing and surprisingly accessible…
    The price starts from 918.00 USD per person (Which included 9 nights’ accommodation, domestic flight, excursion, all entrance fee, local guide and private transfer)
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    Highlights of Laos – 8Days
    To experience different Laos, you should travel from Laos from North to South. The ancient town of Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Laos. it’s encircled by mountains at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers. Luang Prabang is considered by many as the heart of Laotian culture, where you can see traditional wooden houses, royal structures, colonial architecture, and over 30 temples…
    The price starts from 550.00 USD per person (Which included 7 nights’ accommodation, domestic flights, excursion, all entrance fee, local guide and private transfer)
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    Highlights of North Laos – 5 Days
    5 Day Packages is the most compact Itinerary to visit all sites of Laos in the short time frame.You will visit the must see of 2 biggest cities in Laos: Luang Prabang & Vientiane.
    The price starts from 400.00 USD per person (Which included 4 nights’ accommodation, domestic flight, excursion, all entrance fee, local guide and private transfer)

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    North Vietnam and Laos Adventure -14 days

    We’ve designed this tour to highlight two of Indochina’s most exceptional destinations. Discover Vietnam’s incredible diversity: Walk through the ancient city of Hanoi, enjoy a boat cruise on the picturesque Halong Bay, experience a homestay with the Thai tribe people of Mai Chau, visit the old French battle field in Dien Bien Phu, and marvel at the peaceful countryside of the Red River and Northwest hill tribes.
    To discover the enchanting land of Laos, cross over from Vietnam via the newly opened border gate of Tay Trang, head to the rugged mountain town of Muang Khuon, and then down to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Luang Prabang. Visit the sacred Pak Ou Caves, local villages along the Mekong river, and the beautiful boulevards of the capital city – Vientiane. This breathtaking and inspiring journey through Indochina is sure to astound you at every turn. The tour could start from Vietnam & ends in Laos or vice versa for your most convenience.
    The price starts from 1,208.00 USD per person (Which included 13 nights’ accommodation, Cruise on Halong Bay, excursion, all entrance fee, local guide and private transfer).

    Laos visa.
    This is the easy way, I already provide details information about Laos On Arrival Visa in the previous article.
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    Why you should travel to Laos in the Private Tour?
    You could tour yourself independently easily in Thailand or in Spain…etc but in Laos, the elegent country but still basic infrastructure, Laos will have long way to go to develop equal to its neighbors. In Laos a qualified Tour Operator will make your trip so much easier, you save your time and even your dollars because the Laos Travel Agent always has better contract rate and know how to choose the best service suppliers…
    You don’t waste your time finding the pickup points, waiting in line to get on/off the bus, stay in the que at the sites….find the best time to visit each site, try to avoid the crowd…
    In a private tour, driver and local guide will pick you from your hotel lobby, connect with all service providers and help you enjoy the most of your valuable time in Laos. They ensure each day of your trip is a new adventure, each day is full of smile and joys.
    I appreciate the new idea and input of travelers to make this document most updated and better for people who plan private Laos holidays. I will check this article every which and provide you the most updated information to help you make the better travel plan to Laos.

    Luang Prabang Laos Oct 2nd 2019.

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