Laos - The Only Country Without Coastline in Southeast Asia

    Laos is the only non-maritime country in Southeast Asia, bordering countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Thailand.

    Laos is the only non-maritime country in Southeast Asia

    However, this place has a lot of rivers, lakes, waterfalls as a compensation for no coastline.

    river of laos

    Laos is known as the “land of millions of elephants”. However, today, the number of elephants in Laos has decreased significantly, to about 1,000.

    image elephants of laos

    New year in Laos takes place from April 14 to 16 each year. 13th April is the last day of the old year. People often organize activities such as water splashing festival and many other important rituals. We can see colorful banners everywhere.

    Water Festival in laos

    The main food in the meals of Laotians is Sticky rice. They almost use the hand to take the food instead of using spoon or fork. The cuisine is usually dry and spicy, with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. People also often eat steamed or grilled meat and fish.

    Traditional dishes in Laos

    Visit Laos, visitors can see huge ancient stone jars, scattered in the area near Phonsavan city. There are more than 2,500 such jars and the researchers have yet to give an answer to their origin.

    huge ancient stone jars in laos

    Laotian is one of the 86 languages of Laos and is recognized as the official language of Laos. They are closely related to the Thai language. Therefore, Laos people can understand almost the Thai Language.

    Laos ancient house

    Laos is a treasure and this is literally understood. The mountains here contain a lot of minerals, exploited since the 11th century. Gold, sapphire, amethyst, slate, marble, salt rock, granite … are among the treasures found.

    waterfall in laos

    Luang Prabang is a “must see” site in Laos. This ancient city was recognized by UNESCO and has been a capital until 1975. It has beautiful preserved temples and ancient palaces.

    Luang Prabang,This ancient city was recognized by UNESCO and has been a capital until 1975

    If you come here, you should definitely roam the markets, visit the Royal Museum and take the time to enjoy the atmosphere of this beautiful town.

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