Laos airlines operates in country flight to Xayaboury every Thursday.

    Laos airline has added an additional weekly Thursday morning flight between Vientiane Capital and Xayaboury.
    According to the Laos Airline, they will operate the flight between Vientiane Capital to Xayaboury and vice versa on Thursday, making it a daily morning flight.
    Xayaboury is the province in the far west of Laos, it located next to border with Thailand. The province is known for the biggest hydro power plan and the great photo opts of elephant and elephant festival.

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    The name in Sanskrit mean “ Army” and “ City”

    In 1904, Siam was forced to cede the area of the province to the French Indochina colony. In 1941, it was annexed by Thailand under the name Lan Chang province, but was returned its pre-war colonial status in 1946. The area is allegedly a heartland for the Laotian military’s involvement in the illegal timber trade.

    Since the Mekong isolated Sainuyabuli from other Laotian provinces with Hmong villages, the warfare during the Laotian Civil War that affected other Hmong villages largely did not affect Sainyabuli. Most Hmong villages in Sainyabuli did not see any fighting. Houaysouy was a Hmong village in Sainyabuli that had no fighting during the Laotian Civil War, and Vang Pao did not recruit any of its men. After the war, Anne Fadiman, author of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, said that the village was “tossed into the political melee along with the rest of the country.” The occupying Vietnamese soldiers regarded the residents of the village as traitors and persecuted them. In 1979 around 400 members of the Lee, Vang, Xiong, and Yang clans attempted to escape from the village. The family of Lia Lee, the subject of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, originated from Houaysouy.

    Xayabury hydroelectricity seen from above

    There will be one daily return flight every day between the two provinces. The flight departs Vientiane at 10:00 am and arrives in Xayaboury at 10:40 am. Another flight will depart Xayaboury at 11:15 am and arrive in Vientiane Capital at 11:55 am.

    Lao airlines first launched its flight between Vientiane Capital and Xayaboury in January last year, operating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    According to the airline’s recent schedule, the airline is currently operating direct domestic flights to and from Luang Prabang, Phongsaly, Xayaboury, Pakse, Luang Namtha, Houaphanh, Oudomxay, and Xieng Khouang provinces.

    Recently, Lao Airlines has also added an extra flight on its Vientiane-Pakse route that will operate every Sunday morning.

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